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Artleen | Queen of pottery art

The Artleen handicrafts group is formed with the aim of providing all kinds of handicrafts of decorative and functional pottery all over the world. Atleen pottery is the best type of pottery produced in the pottery capital of the world.


Lalejin as the pottery capital of the world is the center of production of the best and most pottery in the world.



1. Artists & Producers

The artists and producers team includes pottery professionals who include handlers, painters and enamel artists

2. Design & Develope

Including Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer and Photographer

3. Logistics Team

Consisting of suppliers, warehousing, package and transportation

4. Marketing and Branding

Include Marketing and Branding specialists

5. Management

Includes managing all other sub-groups and exporting products to target markets . dr alireza marjani is ceo of Iran pottery ( artleen group )