pottery history

Wherever you go in Iran and take a look at its ancient findings, you will notice that pottery in this land is ten thousand years old. In fact, the making and use of pottery goes back to the time when humans settled down and needed containers that would not rot to store water and food, and pottery took on this task. The oldest pottery wheel that was found in the ancient excavations of Iran was in the old city of Susa, but the rest of such wheels were found in the Silk hills, which is an area near the pottery city of Laljin, Hamadan province. The vessels discovered in that area are much more regular than other types of pottery due to the presence of modern wheels, and the presence of red pottery shows the progress of this art in the eyes of the Silk people. The people of Laljin have been engaged in this occupation since the same date, generation after generation, and have passed the art of pottery to the next generation. The people of Laljin Hamadan have been looted and attacked by other tribes twice after settling in the city, and as a result of these attacks, the city has been left in ruins. The first time during the Mongol invasion, Laljin was razed to the ground, and the second time during the Safavid rule, with the attack of Mahmud Afghan. Of course, due to being in a special position, this city was also attacked and looted during the time of Khwarazm Shahian and Marawij, which was not as severe as the two mentioned attacks.

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